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Web Development

Semantic Coding

In linguistics semantics is a study of making the meaning of a text understandable and interpretable. In the World Wide Web it stands for making a document (a web page) meaning interpretable for machines as well as for humans. In a bundle with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it gives significant advantages to a website like:

  • Certain discernment of the meaning of a web page by search engines.
  • Fast loading of a website.
  • Supporting for different Web Browsers, Mobile Phones (iPhone, Blackberry, etc...), Projections, Screen Readers and other software and devices invented to visualize web content.
  • A lightweight code which minimizes the traffic and bandwidth usage.

With us the search engines will deeper understand what does each separate part of your page content mean; is it a price, date, address, part number, a GPS coordinate, news article or a product description; to push your data to the right information channels such as news channels, products bases, online world maps, products price comparison directories, etc...
All these web content improvements make the web pages rank higher in the search engines.

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Web Development

There are a lot of websites that can make the poor visitor wait forever for viewing just a piece of text, but there are also such websites that manage to be very light and fast loading while having a rich and heavy content.

Who is responsible for taking care of such issues?

Web Development stands for writing the program which connects all the parts of the website. There are different technologies, web programming languages and techniques which can lead to a better performance, but can also overload the website. So the best balance for each task should be found with the strong understanding of techniques compatibility.

Our well experienced web developers’ team will design and fulfill projects of any complexity, provide complete front-end and back-end development, Search Engine Optimize URLs and other features.

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