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UX Architecture

Nowadays’ website visitors can share only an instance of their attention to one single website. The few websites which dare to seize the second instance of the visitor’s attention – win the race!

How do some simple-looking websites achieve their attractiveness?

There is a recognized marketing study which handles the website design strategies. It declares how to make a website appear as an organic part of one’s Brand Identity, how should it be constructed to make the most effective presentation for a company’s goods and services. Here are some principal theories of website architecture:

  • Design Architecture describes how appealing a website should look; it’s consistency in content layout, style, colors and text.
  • Navigation Architecture offers methods to use a website space effectively by simplifying hard structured data to a simple hierarchy and connect all its parts by user friendly and easy-to-use intuitive navigation systems.

And there are talented people who make the study even grow richer with their insighting challenges to coach a dull substance to become an “alligator-website”.

We offer our website architecture coaching solutions range from simple, yet effective, web sites for small businesses, to corporate designs which employ the latest Internet technologies.

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