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Small Business Websites

It’s obvious that companies spend a lot of money on their websites to promote their goods and attract new leads and purchases. But it’s obvious either that only a few of them succeed.

Step 1: Can a “seller-website” be created by a website designer and a web developer alone?

Actually, no business can be done well without a marketing-oriented coordinator. So a website that aims to sell company’s services and products should be planned and structured by qualified website architecture professional. Depending on the company’s marketing tasks (target audience, regional targeting, etc…) a variety of marketing and technical decisions should be done to guarantee the web sales success. Should you obtain a generic domain name or a company’s brand name for a domain name to attract the right audience? Will the hosting service from your domestic ISP provider be enough, or a geo-located and 100% reliable hosting service will be needed for your tasks?

INSIGHT solves all these little but essential problems for our clients to build user friendly, easy to remember and easy to navigate, fast loading and always up websites for them.

Step 2: Content is King!

Websites can sell only if they are found on the first pages of the search engines results.

So a sophisticated keyword research has to be done to determine the right keywords which are used by the target audience that search for similar services and products. After acquiring the list of consumers’ desires (keyword phrases they search) we are now able to provide them a relevant content they are looking for in our website. A highly relevant content is necessary not only for the website visitors but for the search engines as well, because the search engines’ job is to bring people the most relevant sites of the web.That’s why INSIGHT does search engine optimized(SEO) copywriting in a bundle with search engine optimized semantic markup/coding to make the website content interpretable and more valuable especially for the search engines.

Finally, with us, you have a professionally structured and attractive website in the first pages of the search engines results which guarantees you a huge amount of relevant traffic, potential clients and sales.

Step 3: Securing your success...

It’s hard to reach the tops but it’s even harder to keep staying there. It’s a common thing to find a great website ruined after a couple of months after it was created. One has always to keep an eye on your website not to let it become rusty and dusty. Use our website maintenance services to keep it fresh, stylish, fast loading and always up-to-date for a lifetime.

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