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Search Engine Marketing

INSIGHT is a website promotion & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) professional services company. We provide both natural search engine optimization and paid search advertising services to our clients, to increase their brand visibility in the search engines the most effective way. It brings our clients quality visitors traffic and high rate of customer conversion. Our search engine marketing service maximizes the return of your marketing investments.

In a few words: we bring your online offer (website) to the first page when it is being searched.

Website Promotion and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Realities

According to search engine marketing professionals’ practice, SEM includes activities like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Submission, Express Directory Submissions, Directory Submissions, Link Building and of course SEM Maintenance to keep the website on top for a long time.

Each firm can manage it’s SEM itself, but the serous companies, which require high quality, professional and effective solutions mostly delegate their search engine marketing to professional agencies. These SEM agencies are the only who can afford to keep their professionals expertise level correspondent to all the new technologies and the rising trends of the new promoting techniques.

In a few words: all the search engines are repeatedly changing their website ranking algorithms. So there always have to be an expert to follow these changes and discover new ways to comply with the search engines requirements.

Use our website promotion and search engine marketing services to guarantee your website’s high rank in the search engines for a long time regardless of any possible changes in the algorithms.

Individual Website Promotion and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategy

INSIGHT does not have any price list. We don’t offer any one-size-fits all package. Our company takes our client’s problems serious and understands that the tasks of each individual client are unique. It requires investing our time and efforts first of all to really understand their business nuances, then to create a holistic image of the problem and only after these steps done - offer the client an individual search engine marketing solution.

Some facts about Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

85% of Internet users define the Search Engines as the primary way for them to find websites.

93% of users don’t past the third page of the search engine results. How can you attract new customers if you’re not found by them?

45% of users are sure that companies found in the first pages of the search results are a reliable brand in their particular service/product field. Website Promotion and Search Engine Marketing raises your online reputation and improves your brand visibility.

A website visitor referred from a search engine results page is the most valuable one, because he is actually seeking for a product, solutions, information or service in your website.

So call us NOW to get to the first page of the search results, as when your potential customer makes a query in the search engine, only one of these two may happen:

  1. The customer will find your website
  2. The customer will find your competitor’s website.

You may find some detailed information about website promotion and search engine marketing from the menus at the left, or you may just give us a call and we will save you the hassle of reading the entire site.