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Keyword research

When we are looking for a product or service online we use different keywords to find them.

In contra verse with the websites owners’ expectations some products are often searched not by their exact name or category, but with keywords that are somehow correspondent to the product, its features or use areas. As a result, a huge number of customers are attracted to websites where a strong keyword research has been done to determine all the actual keywords.

So it is very crucial to determine what keywords do the customers use to find the specific product or service they are looking for. You have to include these keywords in your website copy to make it more relevant in the search engines for people to find your website.

INSIGHT has developed its exclusive keywords analysis tools to make a sophisticated keyword research for each business type individually. We provide our clients with a list of the most frequent searched keyword phrases sorted by relevancy, competitiveness, search trends and costs with the most “effect/cost” keywords highlight.

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